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👩🏻‍🏫 Introduction:

Displaying a stock counter widget on a product page can serve several important purposes.

By showing the remaining stock, it creates a sense of urgency among customers. If they see that there are only a few items left, they might be more inclined to make a purchase immediately, fearing the product might run out of stock soon. This fear can lead to quicker decision-making and increased conversions.

Displaying stock levels adds transparency to the purchasing process. Customers appreciate knowing how much of a product is available. It builds trust, as customers might feel that the store is being honest about its inventory levels.

let us understand about "Jedi - Stock Counter" app, what are its features? how does it work?

📝 Key Features of Our App:

👩‍💻 App functionality:

The stock counter widget is a dynamic feature designed to enhance the shopping experience for customers visiting the products page of an online store. Its visibility is directly tied to the inventory levels of the items available for purchase it can be products quantity or variants quantity.

When the inventory value, either products quantity or the variants quantity, falls within the specific range defined by the user (with a minimum and maximum quantity), the stock counter widget is automatically displayed on the products page. Its purpose is to provide real-time information, alerting potential buyers to the availability of products within the defined inventory range. This ensures that customers are well-informed about the stock status, helping them make timely purchasing decisions.

In essence, the stock counter widget's automatic visibility adjustment based on user-defined inventory ranges contributes significantly to a seamless and transparent shopping process. It enables customers to gauge product availability accurately, promoting informed decision-making and customer satisfaction while maintaining the integrity of the store's inventory management system.

⚙️ Let's see app configuration steps:

STEP 1️⃣ --> Initially, certain pre-settings need to be configured in the online store. steps explained below:

  1. Go to your Theme Editor

  2. Go to the "Default Product" page

  3. On the left side navigation, click the "Add block" in the "Product information" section.

  4. Choose the app, then drag and drop wherever you want.

  5. Don't forget to click "Save" in the theme editor.

STEP 2️⃣ --> Launch the application in the store

STEP 3️⃣ --> Configure the look and feel of the widget

Style the text by applying bold, italic, or underline formatting, incorporate background colors, change the text color, add emojis for visual effects, and then preview the changes.

Select inventory quantity either products quantity or variants quantity.

STEP 4️⃣ --> Configure rules when the widget should be displayed.

Set the min and max quantity range so whenever inventory quantity falls in the defined range then the stock counter widget is displayed automatically on the products page.

STEP 5️⃣ --> Save the app settings and enable it to ensure the stock counter widget is displayed whenever the store's inventory is running low.

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