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Overview of Jedi's Stock Counter app

Failing to display a stock counter on the products page can lead to customer frustration, missed sales opportunities, increased inquiries, negative user experience, decreased trust, inventory management challenges and damage to the brand's reputation.

In order to overcome these difficulties, we have developed an app which displays a stock counter widget on the products page as and when required. so that merchants can now prioritize transparent communication about products availability by displaying stock counter widget, which can provide a positive shopping experience and helps in maintaining customer satisfaction.

💁🏻‍♀️ Let's take a brief look at the app

The app's functionality is very simple and easy to understand. Whenever the inventory quantity falls within the specified range of minimum and maximum quantities then the stock counter widget is displayed on the products page automatically without any extra efforts.

The app allows users to customize the appearance of the widget, including its design and visual elements. Additionally, users can 'Preview' how the widget will look before implementing the changes.

Also, app facilitates users to replace inventory quantity with 'Product's Quantity' or 'Variant's Quantity' as per their requirement.

Users can set a range of 'Min Quantity' and 'Max Quantity' if the inventory quantity fall between the range set then the widget is displayed on the products page.

The app includes an extra feature allowing users to 'Add Another Widget'. Although multiple widgets can be generated within the app, only one widget that meets the specified rules is displayed on the products page.

'Enable' or 'Disable' display of stock counter as and when required. Once all the settings are configured within the app, click the 'Save' button to ensure that the widget display preferences are successfully saved.

The image below illustrates the stock counter displayed on the products page.

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